Course credit rules

General Information

  • Attendance is mandatory. Three unexcused absences are permissible.
  • Completing the task after the deadline results in a 50% reduction of the score. Tasks completed later than the deadline for the next task do not score points.
  • Descriptions of tasks and course are available in Polish and English. External materials and literature to read are available only in English.
  • The final grade is determined on the basis of the sum of points awarded for all tasks: introduction (in classroom), mandatory and extra assignments according to the rating scale.

Course of classes

  1. At the beginning of each (except the first) classes, one person is selected to tell (max. 5-10 minutes) about the materials from previous classes.
    • Failure to answer results in cancellation of points from mandatory assignments from previous classes.
    • Students are asked until someone gives the correct answer.
  2. Then the teacher presents selected issues related to the subject matter of the given classes.
  3. Students perform scored introduction tasks in classroom.
  4. (Optional) Students start working on homework assignments.


  • As part of the course, there will be 3 types of tasks to be completed: introduction (in classroom) and homework assignments (mandatory and extra).
  • Introduction tasks
    • They can only be completed until the end of the classes of your course group.
    • Total score: 2 points per learning block.
  • Mandatory homework assignments
    • Completed according to course schedule.
    • Checked automatically or semi-automatically, results will be available immediately at the address indicated.
    • Total score: 5 points per learning block.
  • Extra homework assignments
    • Realised during the semester on the date agreed with the teacher.
    • These tasks will require more effort and amount of work.
    • Total score: 5 points per learning block.


  • 10 learning blocks are scored. The first and last classes are not scored.
  • In total there are 20 (10x2) points for introduction assignments, 50 (10x5) points for mandatory homework assignments and 50 (10x5) points for extra homework assignments.
  • To get the credit you need to get at least 50 points.
  • The grading scale is as follows: 3:>= 50, 3+:>= 60, 4:>= 70, 4+:>= 80, 5:>= 90 points.


  • Tasks are to be made by one person. No group work over tasks. There might be tasks, where group work is permitted, but this will be clearly written.
  • Penalty for finding a plagiarism is simple sever: non-passing grade. There will be no warnings.
  • Penalty is both for the person who copies other people answers as well as for the person who gave his answer/program to other people to copy.
  • Programs and solutions will be checked for plagiarisms between groups (all nine of them).
  • A copied solution is still a plagiarim if you change formatting or names of variables or other make other little changes.
  • When you use something you have found on the internet (e.g., a function from StackOverflow), make a comment indicating the source. This is important even if you change the fragment.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to take a solution from the internet and submit it, even after some changes. usually too much structure of the original is left and you risk that it will be deemed plagiarism.
  • It is forbidden to do a task for someone else. Attempts will meet the same penalty as plagiarism: non-passing grade.

Course schedule

Course schedule is available as Google Docs file: