Issues to be covered

  1. Hosting and publishing webpages
  2. Search engines and SEO
  3. Google Analytics


  1. Introduction to the topic of classes, providing teaching materials.
  2. Instalation of Nginx
  3. Publishing webpage to remote server using scp

Materials for classes

Introduction tasks

Task 1 - Install Nginx webserver

  1. Install Nginx webserver

    # apt install nginx

    There probably will be an error during installation. What causes this problem?

  2. Reconfigure Nginx to listen on port 8080 instead of 80. To do so, edit file /etc/nginx/sites-available/default. Change listen port to 8080.

  3. Restart nginx.serivce

    # systemctl restart nginx.service
  4. Validate the installation by entering in your webbrowser. Why presented page show the same as for Apache2 server?

Publish webpage (2 p.)

Upload webpage from Class 5 to your virtual machine so that it will be available via Use scp command to transfer files from your computer to remote machine.

Assessment tasks


Task 7.1 - Student homepage (2 p.)

Upload simple Hello world webpage (containing your student index number) to public_html directory on your student account (name of the main page file must be index.html). A description of required configuration is given here. Remember that activation of this service may take up to 24 hours.

Task 7.2 - Google Analytics (2 p.)

For your Hello world webpage configure Google Analytics service. To install Google Analytics on your page use gtag.js script.

Task 7.3 - Facebook headers (1 p.)

Add social media sharing headers to your Hello world webpage.


Task D7 - Cloudflare

Configure any webpage to be proxied throught Cloudflare. This will require full admin access (changing DNS server) to some domain which will be not provided by faculty.