Issues to be covered

  1. Internet
  2. IP
  3. Domain, Top-level Domains
  4. DNS
  5. ISP
  6. traceroute
  7. Whois


  1. Introduction to the topic of classes, providing teaching materials.
  2. Internet overview: how is it constructed, what is IP, what role Internet domains play, what role ISP plays
  3. traceroute
  4. Whois
  5. DNS configuration

Materials for classes

Introduction tasks

Task 1 - traceroute

  1. Using the traceroute tool, find the route from your computer to the websites and

    $ tracert
    $ tracert

    Compare with mtr on Linux.

  2. Use the site to check where the IP addresses are located, through which the route passes. Try the tracert command also for other websites. Is the route always the way you expect?

Task 2 - Whois

  1. Using the Whois program (called in cmd) find a contact for administrators/domain owners of:,,

    $ whois

    Is the information always complete? Try the command also for other sites you know.

Task 3 - configuration of the DNS server

  1. Watch a video showing the configuration of the DNS server. What is DNS?

Assessment tasks

Today, there are no homework tasks.